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Processless DOP Negative Plate - MTN

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Processless DOP Negative Plate - MTN

MTN is the latest product developed for environmental friendly which are able to expose by thermal image-setter. Processless features enable the plates could be direct on press after the exposed. With the Processless DOP plate, it is more competitive, cost saving, efficiency and achieving “ Green” Printing.

Plate Type
Negative-working thermal CTP plate, no developing require
For both sheet-fed and web offset presses
Electrochemical-grained and anodized aluminum substrate

Thickness :

0.15, 0.30 and 0.40mm

Plate size :

Max 1280mm on 1 -side

Safelight   : Daylight handling, no safelight required.

Spectral     sensitivity :

800 - 850nm     (peak at 830nm)

Required     imaging energy :

160-180 mJ /     cm2


2 - 99% at     200lpi

FM     capability:

Stochastic     20 micron


‧Run length :

Approx. 50,000 prints without baking*

‧Plate baking :

230-250 degree Celsius for 5-8 minutes

*Actual run length may vary according to the paper, ink and press conditions.